On The Avenue | No Edits. No Filter.™ | Featuring Country Music Star JessLee

This week JessLee stops in on our virtual No Edits. No Filter.™ and spends some time with the guys. She discusses her journey with music, and even plays her latest sing “Do It Like.” For more on JessLee goto www.jessleemusic.com

No Edits. No Filter.™ is a simple, candid conversation with our Citizens here at On The Avenue. We’ve noticed that when people with and without disabilities have to opportunity to sit down and really share, we have more in common than any of us could ever imagine. Each week we’ll get together for an honest conversation about a subject that affects us all. We have to give everyone a voice and we all must listen. “No Edits. No Filter.” is our way of sharing those voices and a conversation worth listening to.

On the Avenue is a community where people of all abilities come together to live life more abundantly, create community and gain confidence. We believe that by providing the proper welcoming, non-judgmental environment allows individuals with intellectual and learning challenges, a place where they can learn to take initiative, work with others & find a joy in their daily journey. If you are interested in learning more, or joining us as a citizen On the Avenue, contact us @ www.ontheavenue.net

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