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On The Avenue serves everyone as an individual and helps address all aspects of life as a person living with a disability.  From housing, food and transportation through a partnership with Biblical Concepts Housing, to work with companies like, Woodard Brothers Distributing & Second Harvest Food Bankfrom building confidence & community at our Training Studios in Berry Hill to community involvement with Nashville SC, First Bank & Nashville Food Project. On The Avenue provides much needed opportunity & access.
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IABL (Individual Assignment Based Learning)

IABL (Individual Assignment Based Learning)

Individual Assignment Based Learning is our proprietary methodology that helps individuals gain confidence, develop a network of relationships within our community, and learn the world of commerce, all through an individualized assignment catered to each Citizen’s unique passions. Whether it is a podcast, book, movie, TV show, radio show, painting or other type of creative services project; we discover what motivates and drives each Citizen. By working on their own IABL as well as helping other Citizens with theirs, valuable teamwork skills are learned. This is a crucial piece of our overall program. 

Community & Social Interactive Skills

In order to live life abundantly, you must learn to become an integral part of the community and create positive interactions with others. On The Avenue works with our community partners, like Nashville SC, to provide amazing experiences for our Citizens. Our integrated community partnership with Nashville SC found our Citizens practicing with the team; working as a sideline reporter for a home broadcast; working in the booth for a regional broadcast; leading to visit to our facilities by their players and admin to take part in our podcast, No Edits – No Filter. Our design department also designed a t-shirt and image that Nashville SC used in their social media. 

Life Planning Skills 

Life Planning Skills 

The On The Avenue staff works daily with our Citizens to learn valuable life skills. From exercise to healthy eating habits, email etiquette to time management, transportation to dating, living independently to building a stable friend group, On the Avenue provides a place that help us all learn to enjoy our journey more and more each day. We strive to help each Citizen to learn the necessary skills and confidence to navigate life as independently as possible. With the help of many organizational partners in the community, we give access & opportunity to our Citizens to earn a living wage if they so choose, outside of their time On The Avenue. 

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