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On the Avenue is a community where people of all abilities come together to live life more abundantly, create community and gain confidence. We believe that by providing the proper welcoming, non-judgmental environment allows individuals with intellectual and learning challenges, a place where they can learn to take initiative, work with others & find a joy in their daily journey. If you are interested in learning more, or joining us as a citizen On the Avenue, contact us.

Who We Are

There is a determination, desperation and passion woven deeply into each family that has an adult living with a disability. There are many great organizations that provide support. We exist to serve the whole person, the entire family, and their full support system.

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What We Offer

We allow our students to ease into the workforce, instead of being dropped in the “deep end” immediately. This allows students to begin to understand how they fit into the world of commerce and business.

Individual Assignment
Based Learning (IABL)

Creative services to support IABL include: Film & Video, Advertising, Audio Production, Photography and many more.

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Community &
Social Interactive Skills

Community Interactive Skills include: Cooking, Woodworking, Nutritional Classes, Yoga & Pilates along with many more options.

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Life Planning Skills
& Counseling

Life Planning Skills include: Group & Individual Counseling, Independent Living, Financial & Life Planning Classes, Events & Outings just to name a few.

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Working Side by Side

On the Avenue supports & works daily with companies in Middle Tennessee that support their mission of helping people live life more abundantly, build community & gain confidence. While not a job placement service, On the Avenue is a community where people with learning and intellectual disabilities can enter adulthood and network at their own pace. The journey is the destination On the Avenue. A more abundant life begins with the dedication of strengthening what each of us has, every day. We love partnering, side by side, with our partner companies.

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