John Prine, Let’s Keep Singing His Songs

John Prine.

He wrote about us all. About the bizarre, the ordinary, the obvious, the hard to talk about, the depressing, the silly, the joyful pieces and windows of this crazy thing called life. Cancer didn’t get him, heart attacks couldn’t stop him. It was at this crazy time, COVID -19 days, that our crazy, talented, poet laureate passed away. I have been playing John Prine songs since I was about 14. I got his songbook and couldn’t help but practice his simple, quirky songs to fulfill my musical needs. I kinda sing like, John Prine, Bob Dylan & Randy Newman in a blender. I love to speak songs and tell stories. John told the best stories. I worked up a medley of John Prine tunes that changed all the time. They are just fun to play and sing. They make you feel warm, light hearted and accepted in this crazy world… Thanks John for all the great stories, characters & memories.

Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You into Heaven Anymore.

Tom Woodard, My Window On The Avenue 04/08/2020

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