On The Avenue: A Year Of Service

This week On The Avenue, we’re taking a trip down memory lane. With Christmas and the New Year right around the corner, we wanted to look back and reflect on what a awesome year 2017 has been. Westwood Avenue and Woodard Brothers have both been blessed with amazing opportunities to help the community this year, and we wanted to take some time to thank some of the people that helped to make it all happen.

As you may know, Westwood Avenue is a part of the marketing force behind The Salvation Army Nashville, which is a daily honor and a privilege. The Salvation Army does so much to help this city, and we have loved being able to play a small role in some of the amazing things they have done this year.

One of the most memorable was Rock The Red Kettle in October, which was event we helped put on to kick of the Red Kettle season, and encourage people to volunteer to man the kettles this holiday season. It was an outdoor concert with some AMAZING artists, including The McCrary Sisters, Ty Brasel, Joy Styles, Ilonka Deaton, Vashawn Mitchell, and BravndonP & Mission. It may have rained that day, but it didn’t dampen any ones spirits. We all sang, danced and celebrated the great turnout.

Now, in the full swing of the Holiday season, the Westwood Avenue team, CARVANA and Lightning 100 have teamed up with The Salvation Army to fill the CARVANA vending machine with gifts for hard-working families in tough circumstances. The folks from Lightning 100’s Team Green have also volunteered to participate in Feeding Under The Bridge with us this month. It’s been so exciting and rewarding to see different groups of people come together and join us in all of these wonderful experiences.

Westwood hasn’t had all of the fun though. Woodard Bros. has had quite a year too. One of the highlights of my year personally, was being able to participate in the job Woodard did with HealthTrust. The two teamed up with the wonderful volunteers from Woodmont Christian Church to pack over 1,500 backpacks with supplies to aid the people in Houston who were devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey, along with Irma and Jose were some disastrous markers of 2017, and being able to play even the smallest role in helping some of the people involved in these tragedies heal was truly a blessing.

So, Westwood Avenue and Woodard Brothers both would like to thank, The Salvation Army Nashville, CMRA (Community Rehabilitation Agencies of Tennessee), Tennessee Soccer Club, BallFrog, Ginger Jones, BGA, New Directions Federal, State of Tennessee, The Nashville CVC, Music City Light, HealthTrust, Woodmont Christian Church, Lightning 100, CARVANA, and countless others for helping to make 2017 a year to remember for all the families we are honored to serve here at our companies every day.. Your kindness and hard work is the perfect example of what the Holiday season is all about. We are proud to call you all friends and family.

Thanks for visiting me here On The Avenue and Merry Christmastime 🙂

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