On The Avenue: Chris Ulmer

Today On The Avenue we wanted to recognize Chris Ulmer, who is making a big splash in the disabled community. As a former special education teacher, Chris was a witness of the amazing things his students had to offer. In his efforts to show the rest of the world just how funny, engaging, and charismatic his students were, he attempted to publish a book of stories called “Special Books by Special Kids.”

After the book idea was rejected by almost 50 publishers, Chris turned to social media to get out his message. He created the Special books for Special Kids Facebook page, and began interviewing his students. In these interview Chris showed incredible kindness, and the ability to listen. Unfortunately, it is all too rare that a person with a disability has the opportunity to talk about themselves and how they would like to be treated by others.

These videos became the perfect platform for those with disabilities to speak their mind, and an absolute internet sensation. Chris now has over a million viewers following his journey as he travels around to the world, talking to people of all ages and all abilities about what it is that makes them special.

You can visit Chris and his friends at the Special Books for Special Kids Facebook page here, and on his Youtube page here.  Check out one of his many interviews below!


Thank you to Chris for continuing to be an advocate and a friend to the special needs community, and thank you to all of you readers for being here. We’ll see you next time On The Avenue.

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