On The Avenue: Giving Thanks

This week On The Avenue, we are immensely grateful. With Thanksgiving just around the corner to kick off the holiday season, we at Westwood have been reflecting on we all have been blessed with in our lives, both at work and at home.

I started working as an intern at Westwood when I was a junior in college, and since then, I have watched the company grow and transform into something that is beyond exciting. In roughly three years, the team has grown from six to 26 (and still growing), our client base has steadily increased, and the company’s mission has been molded into something that everyone can be proud of and passionate about.

We are a marketing management company (and a darn good one if you ask me), but we’re so much more. Our partnership with Woodard Brothers has been an experience that has truly benefited every person in the building, both in the context of work and outside of it. We have found a way to meld two worlds together and use our different gifts to get work done creatively and efficiently. We are a group of people who genuinely like to come to the office every day and work/visit with one another, and I think that’s pretty special.

So that’s what I’m thankful for. I’m thankful that my first real work experience outside of a university has been doing work I like with people I love. I wanted to see what some of my other coworkers were thankful for this year. Here’s what they said.

Andrew- “I’m thankful that I’m no longer in the restaurant industry… I was a bartender for 6 years… and my church. I go to Cornerstone. I’m also very thankful for my 2 dogs and general health.”

Adam- “I’m thankful for my family, and for my beautiful daughter, and that I get paid to do what I love to do.”

Lauren- “Im thankful for my two four legged kids, Ben (her cat) and Jules (her service dog), and I’m thankful to be working here because I get to be a writer, which is what I love to do. Oh and for my pillow.”

Alexander- “I’m thankful that I work here. I’m also thankful for my mom and dad. I have a good family.”

Erika- “I’m thankful for technology so I can Facetime my family in California when I can’t be home for the holidays.”

Braeden- “I’m thankful for my friends and family, and for my work family for always supporting me and surrounding me with love whenever I need it.”

Ray- “I’m thankful for my family and for this wonderful girl named Sarah that works at my office. She gives us all hope that tomorrow will be a better day. Plus she tells me I give the best answers.” (he’s talking about me if you haven’t guessed yet..NBD)

Rachael- “Is it bad that Chick-fil-a and Uber Eats were the first two things that came to mind? And then family, freedom and faith are a given. Oh and brunch and bottomless drink specials.”

Richmond- “I’m thankful to be living in the town I grew up in and work that I love.”

-Sarah Lang

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