In these crazy times

During this crazy time, we at On The Avenue are staying in touch with people every way we know how. Zoom, text, phone calls, social media. It is so important to remember that we are all in this boat together. We are all equal. This is a great time to remember how important we are to each other and how much personal interaction drives our very souls. On The Avenue is a group of citizens that care for each other, work and play together and genuinely love each other. Even if we are not able to get together physically, we can still spend time letting each other know that we care.

We are taking this time with our citizens being out of the building, to improve our facilities and programming. We are doing some basic construction and preparation to be stronger when we are ready to open our doors in the next few weeks, hopefully.

A minister friend of mine and my college room mate, Davis Chappell, said in one of his sermons, that we can always strengthen what we have, where we are. In these times, we are using our time to strengthen what we have and be better when it has passed. We are learning, growing each day, even in these times of distancing. Each day is a gift from God, let’s not waste even one of them.

Tom Woodard, On The Avenue 4/9/2020



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