On The Avenue: Meet Colin


This week On The Avenue, I wanted to display some art that one of our Woodard guys created. Collin Ransom gave the Westwood Avenue and Woodard Bros logos a little make over with some watercolors and they look awesome!

Collin is a creative soul with a big heart, and an even bigger smile. His mom and I tag teamed this week so that you all could get to know Collin a little better.

How did Collin meet Tom?

“Collin met Tom through the Ideal Lipscomb program.”

How long have you lived in Nashville?

“Collin has lived in Gallatin since 1994, but he was born at Vandy and lived on Tampa Drive in Nashville from 1988-1993”

What does Collin like about working at Woodard Brothers?

“Collin so enjoys the variety in tasks at Woodard! He enjoys the people, too. He really likes the staff.”

Give me one fun fact about Collin.

“Collin does some really good Scooby Doo and BooBoo/Yogi Bear imitations.”

What is something Collin would rate 10/10?

“Star Wars Rocks!”


A big shout out to Collin’s mother for assisting me with Collin’s interview this week, and Colin, thank you for just being you. You bring a positive attitude with you everywhere you go, and that is something to be proud of.

Thank you all for reading and we’ll see you again next week On The Avenue.



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