On The Avenue: Meet Matt

This week On The Avenue, I’ll be introducing you to Matt Stuhrenberg. From the moment Matt stepped into the building back in September his energy and excitement for everything he does has been absolutely contagious. We quickly discovered his passion for video and video editing and he’s been working under the very capable wing of Joel Wilson (our video wizard you met a few weeks back) ever since.

Matt’s thirst for knowledge and willingness to learn is only part of what has makes him such an awesome addition to the team. His video skills are growing every day and he has even started his own web show. The Matt Show is the brainchild of Matt and Joel, and an amazing way to get to know Matt for the fun loving, curious guy that he is. So as you can see, we’ve been keeping him pretty busy, but while he had a spare minute this week he sat down with me for an interview.

How did you meet Tom?

“Well, I met Tom through the Lipscomb IDEAL program. Joanna Wagner, who worked for IDEAL at the time, found this job at Woodard Brothers. So I got here and wanted to go into the video field and was able to do it through Westwood Avenue. The best thing about Tom is that he’s a fun guy to hang out with. I really like working for him.”

How long have you lived in Nashville?

“I want to say all my life. I was born in the Baptist hospital in 1997. I live in Hendersonville, so I’ve been around the Tennessee, Hendersonville, Nashville area for almost 21 years now.”

What is it that you like about video?

“I like video because I feel like it is a good way to express what I want to say… It’s a good way for me to talk about how I feel and what I know, and share what I like. I also like to listen to other people who make video and learn from what they know and their thoughts.

It’s also an evolving field. Now, with drones everywhere, it’s getting more interesting and prevalent. It’s changing. New technology is always being introduced and that’s exciting.”

Give me one fun fact.

“I do not like beets. You know, like red beets? They are a romantic color though.”

What is something you would rate 10/10?

“I would say that the movie Dunkirk was 10/10. It was a good movie. I’m a big war movie guy. They executed everything really well and it was done all on IMAX cameras. It looked really good. I am a fan of movies that tell a story that actually happened. I like some syfy stuff, but at the end of the day I like to see a story about something that actually happened.”

What do you think your high school superlative should have been?

“I didn’t technically have one, but I’m thinking it should have been likeability… Or being smart… Or maybe just nerd. I would have been ok with that haha.”


The Matt Show premiered this week AND it was Matt’s 21st birthday on Wednesday AND we had 2 snow days, so it’s been a crazy (but always fun) week here On The Avenue. We’ll be sharing a new episode of The Matt Show every Monday, so be sure to check it out! We have an exclusive preview of next week’s episode below!

P.S.- I’m the guest this week. It’s all very ~meta~.

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