On The Avenue: Meet Joel

I think it’s about time that you got to know the people who work here, On The Avenue. Once a month I will be introducing you to one of my coworkers and friends, and giving you a glimpse into their soul with my tried and true interview questions. This week, you’ll be meeting Joel Wilson, our resident Video Wizard and Creative Black belt.

Joel’s eye for the creative has taken him all over the country. He has worked in both public and private sectors, from TV stations, to ad agencies, to military bases, producing content for both the web and the big screen.

When I first met Joel, he was working as a freelancer, sitting in on one of our meetings here at Westwood. He had a big beard, a big smile and big ideas that left a lasting impression on everyone there. About a month a later, I ran into him at a local bar, where he greeted me with that same enthusiasm I would come to appreciate on a daily basis. Not long after that, he became a permanent fixture and found his home here On The Avenue.

I sat down with him this week to ask him a few questions.

How long have you lived in Nashville?
“I moved here when I was in kindergarten with my family. We lived in Knoxville prior. We lived here until about 2002, when I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dreams rock stardom, and then I came back in 2004 with dreams of production and stand up comedy. Then in 2013 I moved to Little Rock, Arkansas where I lived and worked on base capturing “HOOAHH” for the National Guard. We lived there for about a year until I moved back here to Nashville.”

What is it that you like about video production?
“I like that I get to do the same thing in a lot of different ways. Every time I do something I get better at it. I believe in practice, and I believe in honing one’s skills. However, I would be bored to tears if I were doing the same thing for the same people over and over again. That’s not engaging to me. I like that I get to kind of have both worlds where I can get better at my craft, but one day I may shoot a commercial, the next day I may be shooting a “man on the street” type interview or a behind the scenes piece. Then maybe I’m going to go do a multi-cam of a concert. I can do some agency work, I can do some government work, or I can go document a friends wedding. Everywhere I go to do my job is a different place where I meet different people who all have different skills. I’m challenged in a lot of ways, and I have to tackle that problem right then and there, so it beneficial for me to be prepared. That challenge is an opportunity, and the best way to take advantage of opportunity is to prepare yourself for it. So, the best part of my job, which is a creative that focuses on the medium of video, is that I’m always doing something different.”

Give me one fun fact.
“A fun fact about me is… My high school sweetheart and I  are still together after all of these years. Also, my favorite concert was Weird Al Yankovic at the Ryman, and  I’m a second-degree black belt in Kung Fu San Soo. Also I’m one of 8 kids. Lots of fun facts.”

What is something that you would rate 10/10?
“The black beans nachos at Calypso Café. No onions.”

What was your high school superlative?
“Most individualistic, but I had to share it with some one else…”

Oh and also, he sang a duet with Dolly Parton (!?!?!?!).

If you want to learn more about Joel, click here.

Have a blessed day, and remember to check back with me next week here On The Avenue.

-Sarah Lang

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