On The Avenue: Meet Woodard Bros

Last week you saw that we worked with Woodard Bros to pack the backpacks that were sent to HCA emergency responders in Houston. “Who is Woodard Bros?” you might ask. Lucky you, this week On The Avenue I’ll be introducing you to them.

We actually share our office space with Woodard Bros, which is a Distribution company, specializing in storage, fulfillment, distribution and marketing solutions. What makes them so special though, is their inclusion of men and women with special needs in their blended workforce. These employees are paired with neurotypical employees (if anyone can even really be neurotypical) to do work in three-hour shifts. These shifts help break up the work so that each task feels fresh and exciting.

We don’t just share an office though, we also do Woodard Bros’ marketing and we even share a few employees here and there, myself included. I’ve had the pleasure of working with many of these amazing people and it’s truly an awesome experience. They think about things and tasks in a much different way than I do, which really couldn’t be more exciting. Working together creates an environment that we all benefit from each work day.  We share our gifts and talents with each other every day, whether it be creating a marketing campaign or packing and filling an order, all the while listening to some good tunes.

Recently, we did a video/photoshoot to showcase how awesome Woodard Bros really is. Check it out below to learn more and visit them at http://www.woodardbros.com/ 

-Sarah Lang

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