On The Avenue: The U-Haul Elves

This week On The Avenue, we’ll be sharing a story from my fellow co-worker and our guest blogger for the week, Lauren Barnes. On the heels of Thanksgiving, she experienced a true random act of kindness, and wrote a beautiful piece to share her experience. Read below!

So often life happens between the ‘not now’ and the ‘not yet.’ And for someone like myself, with autism, the wait can feel like forever, and can cause me to completely melt down. Here’s a story about finding patience and being blessed by kindness.

On Saturday, November 25th I spent countless hours preparing to move into my new house that was given to me by my 104-year-old neighbor. I did everything from planning the paint colors, to choosing the drapes and preparing to move. I had worked really hard, and I was proud of myself.

On that day, I was packed and ready for the moving truck to arrive! I was playing the ‘waiting game’. I watched every truck that drove by with anticipation, reminiscing about my hopes and dreams. My plans were finally coming to the light.

But we never know when the other shoe will drop, and for me it dropped hard, sitting patiently on a rocking chair for more than three hours, waiting for a truck that never arrived.

I couldn’t handle it. At 11:00 am that day my mom and my service dog, Jules, had to peel me off the ground in a sobbing mess. Jules helped me dry my tears, and my mom helped me find a small glimmer of light at the end of a very dark, dark tunnel. Mom, Patricia, and I gathered boxes, moved the small things back and forth to the new house, and fixed up the new kitchen. The large items, however, remained.

I was able to get myself to the U-Haul store off Charlotte, near Costco’s. I had to explain why it looked like I was about to cry, but they didn’t judge me and showed me compassion and kindness. The man at the store told me not to worry if we didn’t use all the boxes, and that I could return them that night and get my money back. Sure enough, I overestimated how many boxes I needed, so I had to muster up the courage to go back to return them.

I walked in with my emotions still painted all over my face, and the lady at the desk asked me my address and phone number. I thought it was strange but I just wanted to get out of there.

To my surprise, the next morning I got a phone call. It was the General Manager of U-Haul. He had a truck at my house, 2 men, and the biggest smile I have ever seen. They had come to my rescue and were ready to help me move. It was a holiday miracle.

These simple acts of kindness had nothing to do with where I lived. It didn’t matter how much money I did or didn’t have. It only mattered that I was hurting deeply inside, and they wanted to help. These U-Haul angels had come to save me. It was indeed a story of kindness that I will embrace in my heart forever.” -Lauren Barnes and Jules

The holiday season is the perfect time to take care of one another and share some good news. The biggest thank you to Lauren for sharing her story!

Don’t forget to check in with me next week to see what’s happening here, On The Avenue, and happy holidays 🙂

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