On The Avenue: Shooting Darth Vader

This week On The Avenue, we had a photo-shoot with one of the most infamous characters to ever live… Darth Vader. Our in house Jedi photographer, Adam, used this shoot as a teaching moment for one of our Woodard Padawans, Alexander, to train him in the ways of the FORCE…of photography, that is. Using a Darth Vader action figure, the two set out to “Embrace the Dark Side” using just a black background and some strategically placed lights.

The both of them set the shoot up from scratch, assembling the backdrop and placing the lights. Alexander moved with the finesse of a Twi’lek swordsmith, shifting his reflector with Adam’s direction and watching from behind the lens to see how Yoda, er… Adam moved around the action figure, capturing it from different angles. All told, the two worked in tandem for about an hour and a half to capture the perfect shot of their “Death Star,” Darth m’f’n Vader.

 IMG_3815       IMG_3804

The end result was not only a formidable portrait of one of the most infamous villains of all time, but also the perfect example of how much light, angle and a good eye can enhance photos. Immediately after the shoot was wrapped, Alexander was revealed as Adam’s father, which then caused Adam to make out with his sister. Those Jedis sure are wacky!

 darth_vader_001              darth_vader_002

This is Sarah-wan-Kenobi, saying thanks for reading. Check back here with me every week as I guide you down our crazy path here on the avenue.

-Sarah Lang

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