The Forgotten Tornado

It is amazing and sad to me that the tornado that ripped through Middle Tennessee early morning of March 3, 2020 seems so long ago and buried in the constant daily news of COVID-19. People are still digging out and rebuilding. Or at least they were. Now the Coronavirus has dealt those folks another blow. I know a bunch of them and they are not giving up. They are fighting for their lives and their neighbors, employees and businesses. They are #NashvilleStrong. At this crazy time in life, please take time to help those that still need your help. I saw something on TV yesterday that reminds us all that we don’t have to be rich to help. Share what you have. Be Strong. Be Nashville Strong. Please visit our store, and purchase a Nashville Strong print and for every print purchased, we will donate $10 to the tornado relief efforts. Thanks.

Tom Woodard, On The Avenue 4/17/2020

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