On The Avenue: A Very Merry Christmas

This week On The Avenue, we’ve gone full Christmas mode. We broke out the wreaths, the mini Santas, the Christmas tree, and even more twinkly lights than we had before. The already oddly cozy warehouse is now a Christmas masterpiece, with red and green and gold everywhere you turn. It was the perfect setting for our annual Christmas party, where we ate some fried turkey (thanks Adam), exchanged gifts, enjoyed each other’s company and recorded our annual Christmas card.

While decorations and yummy food are all very fun, the real spirit of Christmas lies in loving and helping others, and in that spirit, we have opened a digital Red Kettle with The Salvation Army Nashville. Many people don’t know just how much The Salvation Army does for the people of our city and around the country. Their programs help people and families in need of housing, food, jobs, and even education. Just last year The Salvation Army provided food, utility and rent assistance to 6,716 people locally. We have kick started the donations to our Kettle, which will go towards whichever of the many Salvation Army programs needs it the most.

If you would like to donate click here, and thank you for helping to support the people in need in this awesome city we call home.

Thanks for checking in here On The Avenue and merry Christmas 🙂

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