On The Avenue: Amethyst Schaber

Today On the Avenue I want to introduce you to Amethyst Schaber.

Amythest is a young woman with autism, and an educator and public speaker focusing on disability and neurodiversity. On her website, neurowonderful.tumblr.com,  she covers a wide variety of topics all touching on autism, neurodiversity, and disability. She also has a YouTube series called “Ask an Autistic,” in which she answers a huge range of commonly asked questions. One of my favorites, “How To Be An Ally,” has some really great advice about how we can be a friend and a helping hand to those who are affected by a disability.

You can check out the rest of her series here!

Thank you to Amethyst for being such an amazing advocate and representation of what we believe in here On The Avenue.  We’ll see you next time!

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