Citizen Spotlight: Matt Stuhrenberg

Matt Stuhrenberg from Hendersonville has been part of the On the Avenue and Westwood Ave crew for nearly four years. During this time, Matt has learned about video and audio production, storyboarding, and expressing his ideas better on paper. He’s partnered with our team at Westwood Ave on documentary work and created the Learn and Try with Matt show as his Individual Assignment Based Learning (IABL) project. The most recent episode of the Learn and Try with Matt show features Matt learning more about what it takes to become a voice-over actor from Bill Russell. It’s a great show, and we encourage all the readers to check it out!

When asked about the best part of being a Citizen, Matt said, “It’s learning and improving every day to be a better version of myself.” He encourages others to apply for the Citizen program despite any fears or nerves they might have. “It’s ok to be scared to try new things,” he explained. “But I think it’s important to do it anyway, get out of your comfort zone, and maybe you’ll like it.”

Matt has the goal to change people’s minds about autism and other disabilities in the workforce. He’s said that learning about video production and telling great stories is helping him achieve his dreams and can help other people achieve their dreams too. “Nothing makes me happier than doing my best to prove to people that I have something valuable to bring to the table,” he said.

When he’s not busy learning and working, he enjoys a great game of blackjack at On The Avenue’s Wednesday Game Night.

Are you interested in becoming a Citizen at On the Avenue? You can apply online!

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