Employee Spotlight: Tyler Scanlon, Director of Activities

Meet On The Avenue: Tyler Scanlon, Director of Activities

This week, On The Avenue is introducing you to Tyler Scanlon, our new Director of Activities. He joined the team in August 2019 as an intern and became a full-time employee in June 2020. He’s making a big impact already, and we’re so excited for you to hear more about his work.

Name: Tyler Scanlon

Position at On the Avenue: Director of Activities

The Director of Activities is a new position at On the Avenue. Tell us more about what you do and why you love it. 

My top priority is to ensure that everyone maintains a positive attitude through their time at On The Avenue. More specifically, I lead our morning energizer activity, help teach classes, and facilitate fun afternoon activities to build a sense of community amongst our Citizens.

There is never a dull moment working at On The Avenue. Every day we challenge our employees and Citizens to grow through creative projects, and we get to have fun hanging out with friends while doing it. The best part about working for On The Avenue is watching the tremendous strides each of the citizens makes in the pursuit of their passions. Seeing their growth inspires me to keep learning and growing too.

Within the creative services world, On the Avenue is unique because of its dedication to employing adults with and without disabilities. Now that you’ve been part of the On the Avenue team for a year, what advice would you give to someone who wants to create a more inclusive environment for someone with disabilities?

My top suggestion is to give people with disabilities something they rarely ever get in the workplace – a chance. People with disabilities may struggle with certain things at some times, but, just like all of us, they have strengths and weaknesses. Rather than just focusing on the weaknesses, give them the chance to show off their strengths.

It’s important to understand that everyone, with special needs or not, has their own preferences and work habits. Instead of forcing every employee into a cookie-cutter mold, we should strive to let all employees work in a way that suits their individuality. People with disabilities may use unorthodox methods to achieve results; however, their unique perspective, style, and contribution to the team’s work helps the entire organization become more diverse creatively and gives new perspectives to everyone involved.

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