On The Avenue: Braeden Goes to Iceland

This week On The Avenue we say “Farewell for now,” to our team member, Braeden Williams, as he crosses the globe on his way to Iceland for the next week. Braeden is 19 years old (he will turn the big 2 0 while in Iceland) and was born and raised here in Nashville. He has been a part of the Westwood team, working as a videographer/editor, since the fall of 2016, and until now he’s never been away from us for so long (cue the tears).  When asked about his time here at Westwood he told me, “I like being able to have a job that doesn’t feel like a job. Working here has ‘spread my wings’ in a creative sense and has really challenged me to make myself better.”

So now you’re left with the question that I, myself had to ask… Why Iceland? Is it not icy there? Are there beaches that are warm and have no ice? Should I be going to Iceland?

When Braeden was faced with these hard hitting questions, he answered me with this, “ I think the question, ‘Why Iceland?’ is also the answer. It’s a place that not many people go, and it’s a place that has this unseen beauty that goes unnoticed by many people. My buddies John, Bart, and I will land in Reykjavik (the capital) and go Northwest to the West Fjords, and then we will drive back down south along the coast until we reach the eastern coast of the country. We don’t have ANY planned activities. We plan to play it by ear and to just experience all we can while we’re there.”

So as you can see, Braeden has the adventurous soul of a true creative. He will be missed, but he has promised to send lots of pictures to ease our sadness. He’s quite the photographer, so expect the pictures to be much better than my version of a tourist snap.  If you’d like to follow his trip, check back in here On The Avenue.

Join us in wishing him safe travels, and we’ll see you again next week!

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