On The Avenue: Brenden Melton Wins Big

This week On The Avenue, I want to make another introduction. Brenden Melton is the influence behind all of the design here at Westwood, and on the heels of a national contest win, this week seemed to be the perfect time for you all to meet him.

PRINT magazine selected Brenden as one of the top 48 American designers of 2017 in their Regional Design Awards, student division. His submission was a series of Hemingway book covers he made while attending O’More College of Design. The outer cover of the books feature their titles in Hemingway’s favorite font, Futura, along with a depiction of a key element of each story. The color choices were also individually based according to what each novel is about.

His thoughtfulness and care when it comes to his design is something that is wonderfully represented in his work for this contest and all of his work here at Westwood. He is a designer with sublime attention to detail and esthetics, and we’re so proud to be working with such a gifted, young artist.

Check out his award winning work below and click here to see PRINT magazine’s full piece.


Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to check back next week On The Avenue.

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