On The Avenue: Hearing From Chipper Things

Today On The Avenue, we want to share a video from our guys at Woodard Brothers.

Woodard Brothers is a shipping and fulfillment company with a mission to hire people with disabilities, and a  dedication to provided the best service possible to it’s clients. They provide their blended workforce, one made up of people with and without disabilities, with the skills, training, and confidence to succeed while working at Woodard Brothers, and in their outside lives.

The video below contains a message they received from one of their awesome clients, Chipper Things, and was edited by employees on the spectrum. Check it out!


To learn more about Woodard Brothers you can check out the website here, and to learn more about Chipper Things you can check out the website here.

Thanks so much for checking in here On The Avenue today. We’ll see you next time!

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