On The Avenue: Meet Alexander

This week On The Avenue you’ll be meeting Alexander Curran, a member of our Woodard Brothers team. Alexander is a man of few words, which just means that when he talks, you listen. He’s a hardworking, endlessly kind, patient person who is willing to help anyone, anywhere he is needed.

He sat down with me this week and gave me a peek into his world.

How did you meet Tom?

Well I met Tom by meeting his cousin, Kathy Boehm. I know her from high school. She was actually one of my fellow teachers.

How long have you lived in Nashville?

I have lived here a very long time. I have lived here my whole life. My dad is from Ohio, but he has been here in Tennessee a very long time too.

What is something that you’re really interested in?

I’m interested in history, all kinds of history, agriculture, and biology.

Give me one fun fact about you.

I like to travel and visit family.

What is something you would rate 10/10?

I really like military video games. 10/10.


Watch below to let Alexander himself tell you a little bit more about what he does here.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next week On The Avenue.

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