On The Avenue: Meet Braeden


This week On The Avenue, I’ll be formally introducing you to a member of our team who should be a familiar face. Braeden Williams, one of our video editors here at Westwood, was featured on the blog back in April talking about his amazing road trip through Iceland, but now I want to get back to the basics. I sat down with Braeden so that we could all get to know him a little better.

How did you meet Tom?

“So i was actually working for my dad at TriStar delivering mail. A couple of weeks before my last day there my dad and I went to Montana, and I took a lot of video there. I had just graduated high school and so my dad and I were going on a senior trip. So he asked me where I wanted to go and I said Montana, because no body wants to go to Montana. Well I guess people want to, but no one actually does. I had bought a drone, so I wanted to go to take pictures. I was getting into photography and videography at the time.

So when we got back to TriStar, Tom walked up to me and said ‘Hey, you’re Jeff’s son, right?’ and I said ‘Yeah, that’s me.’ He told me he had seen my video of our trip, and we started talking, and he eventually asked me if I wanted to come shoot for him sometime at Westwood. Of course I said yes, and so yeah… That’s how we met. Then that next month he asked me if I wanted to join the team. It was a pretty cool experience.”

How long have you lived in Nashville?

“My entire life. I have been here since the day I was born. I’ve really been everywhere in Middle Tennessee. I lived in Brentwood, Franklin, Chattanooga. I live in Arrington now. What I consider ‘where I grew up,’ or where I have the fondest memories is probably Franklin.”

What is it that you like about working in video?

” I come into work not really feeling like it’s a job. It’s something that I like to do in my free time anyways, so it’s just kind of like I can come into the office and not really feel liking I’m working. Of course there are times when we have a tight deadline and stuff like that, but I still just feel so blessed to only be 20 and already be doing the career I want to be doing long term.”

Give me one fun fact.

“When I was 8 or 9 I played for my church basket ball team and we were leaving a game we had won, and you know in gyms where they have the two doors that open and then there’s that metal pole that runs down the middle and separates them? We were running, and we were just excited and I accidentally got bumped into that pole and hit my wrist. Now my wrist pops on command (proceeds to wiggles wrist around, producing terrible popping noises).”

What is something you would rate 10/10?

“Traveling out of the country. I was going to say pizza, but traveling is better I guess.”

What should your high school superlative should have been? 

” Well I didn’t actually have one because I was homeschooled for half of my high school career, but if I had to guess… Person who is friends with people from many different walks of life? There are always cliques in high school, but I tried to be friends with everybody. I didn’t want to fit into a tidy box, so I was friends with who ever I wanted, and didn’t worry about what clique they were in.”

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