On The Avenue: Meet Richmond

This week On The Avenue, you will be meeting Richmond Williams. Richmond is a man who wears many hats (and looks amaze in all of them). He joined the Westwood team back in April of 2017 to help with business development and account management after years in the industry. His experience and passion for his work make him an awesome coworker, and his humor and wit make him an awesome friend.

I sat down with him this week to talk about his journey here, On The Avenue.  

How did you meet Tom?

Tom and I have known each other our whole lives. We grew up in the same church. Tom is a bit older than I am. I was born when he was a teenager, but we were essentially raised in the same church, so I knew his family for a long time. I knew his immediate family, and also his extended family. In fact, his dad taught my Sunday school class when we moved back here from Texas as an adult in 2001. We’ve also known each other through the industry. He worked at iostudio and was very involved in the local chapter of the AAF, and I kept in contact with him. We would get together from time to time just to talk shop, just as two people who knew each other in the same industry. We talked a long time about how we could create a situation where we could work together. So we were just kind of on parallel paths for a long time.

How long have you lived in Nashville?

I have lived in Nashville for most of my life. I was born at the former Baptist Hospital, now St. Thomas Midtown. I went away to school in Texas. I also lived in Florida for a bit and Texas for a while, and then we moved back here when I was 25 years old.

What is it that you like about your specialty?

So I support business development efforts and operations. I really look at how we get business, how we organize that business and how we estimate projects to make sure that the business is sustainable. I look at the business strategically, and I also look at each of our clients situations strategically and tactically, and then we, as a team, implement those plans. So I like that through my career, and especially at this job, at our size and state of being I get to be somewhat of a generalist and draw on my past experiences. I’m not necessarily a deep expert in some of the things I do, but I am able to draw on parts of my winding career, with research and financials and analytics and sales. I get to draw on all of those things, and I’m putting them all together into something new that I’ve never really done before. I feel like I’ve gotten kind of a running start with a lot of great days ahead, and I have an opportunity to be shaped and continue to really position myself for optimal growth, which is exciting.

Give me one fun fact.

A fun fact about myself… I am 2 inches shorter than I was 10 years ago.

What is something that you would rate 10/10?

TCU football.

What was your high school superlative?

My high school superlative was biggest ears. Dead serious it was in my yearbook. It really should have been most angsty though.

Gotta love some teen angst.

Thanks for stopping by here On The Avenue, see you next week!

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