On the Avenue Partner Company – Westwood Avenue – Partnering with StudioNow

We are proud to announce that partner company – Westwood Avenue – is partnering with StudioNow. Westwood Avenue is a partner company to On the Avenue and they employ many of the Citizens that are pursuing creative services work for Westwood Avenue.

Along with employing the Citizens of On the Avenue, Westwood Avenue works in many different mediums. The team at Westwood Avenue provides web design, video production, audio production, graphic design, digital marketing and VoiceOver work for different. organizations. They have worked with brands such as The Salvation Army, Cups Help, Tri-Star Energy, Twice Daily and many more organizations throughout the country.

StudioNow is one of the largest content production marketplaces that connects those that need content production such as video, design, photography, event production, and brand management. Each aspect comes with a specific creative network to help you accomplish your goals. StudioNow puts together all the crew, the schedules, budgets and gear all for your team so you can focus on what needs to be done.

Westwood Avenue is a partner company with StudioNow and provides these production services through the StudioNow platform. Westwood Avenue and StudioNow are working together to produce content for clients while employing people with disabilities as integral parts of the team.

We are looking forward to seeing how this partnership blooms and all the work that is done in the future as well as giving our Citizens hands-on work in the production side creative services. If you would like to check out StudioNow you can see their market network partner profiles here – including Westwood Avenue!

To learn more about Westwood Avenue as a partner to On the Avenue visit their website.

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