On The Avenue: The Frogs That Don’t Croak

This week On The Avenue, we’re getting ready for our favorite time of year… The Super Bowl. The New England Patriots will be playing the Philadelphia Eagles (and hopefully facing a humiliating loss) at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis this Saturday.

As some of you may know, the Super Bowl holds a very special place in our hearts here at Westwood, with our fearless leader, Tom Woodard, holding rarified space in the Super Bowl commercial hall of fame. He got that spot by croaking the word “Bud” as one of the Budweiser frogs in their massively successful 1995 Super Bowl ad, along with Ronnie Brooks as “Weis”, and Brian Steckler as “er”.

As Bud, Tom has had the opportunity to work with some of the best in the business, including the hit commercial’s copywriter, Dave Swaine, and its art director, Michael Smith. Also, Gore Verbinski,  who later went on to direct “The Ring” and the first three “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, was the director behind the Frog’s success. With such a stacked team, they were destined for stardom. You can read more about the frog’s origins and all of the awesome people who brought them to life here.

That very star power has afforded those lovable frogs a long life. After their creation in 1994, they went on to become stars of one of the most famous ad campaigns of all time, with spots in almost every “Best Super Bowl Commercial Countdowns” created ever since. Even almost 20 years after their original airing, the frogs were relaunched in 2017 with a bit of a twist for Bud Light’s U.K. debut. Check out the British revamp below and read more about it here!

 Every year the commercials aired during the Super Bowl are some of the most creative and exciting to watch. Click here to vote on the best commercials during this year’s Super Bowl. Who knows, maybe we’ll find the next Budweiser Frogs?

Enjoy the football and friends this weekend, and don’t forget to check back in next week On The Avenue.


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