On The Avenue: Trey’s Success at Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon


This week On The Avenue we’re celebrating Trey Tucker after his success at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon last weekend. Trey had an absolutely AMAZING performance, and we couldn’t be more proud!

This was Trey’s 3rd year running as a Saint Jude hero runner, which means that even while he was just training for the race he was fundraising as a part of a nationwide alliance against childhood cancer. Check out the video below to hear a little more about it from Trey himself.

Trey’s dedication to his sport has allowed him to do some awesome things, and experience some great successes. He is a constant reminder to us here that we can all can do remarkable things if we put our minds to it and work hard.

We will be posting more updates on his performance as results continue to roll in, so stayed tuned here On The Avenue!


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