On The Avenue: Westwood Does Halloween

This week On The Avenue, things got ~spooky~. Halloween (a highly underrated holiday) landed on a Tuesday this year, but if you ask us, a little mid-week holiday is the best kind. So, I woke up Tuesday morning, put on my witchiest outfit, and arrived at the office prepared to put on the most spooktacular Office Party my coworkers could handle.

I enlisted the help of Erika, a fellow witch who happens to be quite the party planner, and the two of us made our way to Walmart where we were met with sideways glances as we made our way through the isles in our dark makeup and floor-length capes (but come on, I feel like you can get away with weirder stuff in a Walmart). We gathered our supplies and made our exit, with big plans beginning to brew.  

Back at the office, we set up our snacks and our special witches brew and set the perfect scene for everyone to eat, drink, and be scary. Guys and ghouls alike emerged from their offices and divided into two teams for a special game of Halloween Charades. Team 1, Fright Club, and Team 2, Sadvertising (which after much debate, I still think is a proper halloween themed name) duked it out for the number 1 spot. In the end we tied, but hey, that just makes us all winners.

Check out the video below for a sneak peek into our heated games of charades, and don’t forget to check in with me next week to see what’s happening On The Avenue.

-Sarah Lang

*Best costume of the day goes to Alexander, who dressed up as a rich guy from Florida (put on a fedora)*


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