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Our Programs and What We Teach

On the Avenue has a well-crafted program that challenges each citizen who enrolls to become their best self. We help them by getting to know what makes them unique, what makes them tick and what drives them from within. On the Avenue wants to know who each citizen is deep down and what their goals are. We are striving to figure out each citizens talent and let them realize that they have it in them to accomplish their goals, creating confidence, community, independence and commerce. We won’t ever know unless we try.

Our goal is to provide a safe place where individuals can come together to work on creative services projects, create individual assignments, and interact with the community and practice and learn new life skills. We want to give them this opportunity so that they become comfortable in the real world and grow the confidence to know they have the ability to accomplish what they put their heart to. This allows each person the opportunity to share in a “REAL WORLD” working environment while having the opportunity to learn at their own pace and be met “where they are.”

The unique interaction between our proprietary IABL (Individual Assignment Based Learning) and actual work for our clients allows each individual to enter the world of commerce in the creative services industry at their own pace. Once they begin to accomplish their goals, we start to see skills blossom and the citizens grow into their own person with individuality. 

At the core of our programs we want to promote community and social interactive skills. On The Avenue wants to teach the citizens that in order to live life abundantly, you must strive to become an important part of a community and create positive interactions with others. We have partners like the Nashville Soccer Club that we work with to give citizens amazing experiences in the real world. Our partnership with NSC saw our citizens practicing with the team; working as a sideline reporter for a home broadcast; working in the booth for a regional broadcast; and a  visit to our facilities by players and admin to take part in our podcast, No Edits – No Filter

Life planning skills is an integral part of our program. We work with citizens daily to teach and learn life skills. From exercising together and healthy eating habits to shopping, time management and much more, we are providing a community that helps us all learn to enjoy life and the journey through it, day by day. We strive to help each Citizen to learn the necessary skills and confidence to navigate life as independently as possible. With the help of many organizational partners in the community, we give access to our Citizens that they may not have had up until now.

At the end of the day, we want our citizens to be confident, independent and become an important part of the world like they are important to us. Our program has so many different aspects and grows every day. If you would like to enroll, please contact us or fill out our form on our website

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