Rowdy Riley’s Sports Review: Interview with John Maginnes

Our On the Avenue Program largely focuses on what we call Individual Assignment Based Learning (IABL). Each of the Citizens who attend the program have their own assignment, which is meant to help them hone their creative skills, such as audio and video editing.

One of our citizens, Riley Dulaney, who has been a part of our program for a few years now, has used his deep love of sports as the inspiration of his assignment: The Rowdy Riley Sports Review.

On his Youtube show, you can watch him interview coaches and other leaders in the sports world, get his take on sports current events, and experience his passion for the industry.

Through the creation of The Rowdy Riley Sports Review, Riley has been able to learn new skills with hands on experience and guidance from Creative Industry Professionals. We’ve been so proud to watch his passions come to life.

On this episode of Rowdy Riley’s Sports Review, Riley is interviewing John Maginnes. John Maginnes is a popular professional radio personality on the SiriusXM golf channel. View the full interview here:

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