Rowdy Riley’s Sports Review – Tennessee Titans Season Preview

Welcome back to Rowdy Riley’s Sports Blog. With the regular season starting within a week (as of this post), I thought that I would give my opinion on how tough the Titans season is this year. And whether or not the Titans will win or lose the game. Keep in mind that this is my speculation. Let’s drive into game one of the season.  First game of the season is at Nissan Stadium in Nashville against the Giants.  The Giants were a force to be reckoned with last season posting a 4-13 record. This was good enough for the Giants to secure the 4th place in the NFC east. I think that the Titans go 1-0 to open the season. Week Two sees the boys in two tone blue flying up to Buffalo and playing the Bills. I personally just want a good game. It pains me to say this, but the Bills take the win. Las Vegas comes to town in Week Three. The game may be a nail biter, but I see the Titans going and getting the W. The two tone blue army marches up to Indianapolis to mount the colts and get a W. Heading into Week Five, the Titans see action on Fedex Field. After a “Command-ing win in Washington the Titans take a well deserved week off.

The Colts ride down to Nashville in Week Seven and unfortunately, the Colts stampede all over the Titans handing the Titans a loss. Week Eight sees the Titans rocket down to Houston. Houston will take the home field advantage and win. Week Nine sees the two tone blue flying to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs. I just want to see a good game, but I do see the Titans avenging the agonizing loss that the Bills suffered last season in the postseason. Week 10 sees Russell Wilson and the Broncos losing about 4,000 feet of elevation just to win. Week 11 sees the Titans flying up to Green Bay and playing the frozen tundra without getting frostbite and winning. The Bengals come back to Nashville for the Week 12 matchup.  I’m hoping for a good game, but I hope the Titans can avenge the embarrassing loss from the postseason.  I think the Titans will avenge the loss.

The Titans play the Eagles in Philly in Week 13. I think that the Titans will be the Eagles play toy and will hand the two tone blue an L. The Jacksonville Jaguars pounce up to nashville for the week 14 matchup. The Jaguars are one of the two teams that are the laughing stock of the NFL. This will be an easy W for the boys. The Titans bolt over to SoFi and play the LA Chargers during Week 15. I believe that it will be a good game, but the Chargers will electrocute the Titans. For the first time that I can think of, the Titans are playing on Christmas Eve. Instead of rocketing down to Houston, the Texans come up to Nissan during Week 16.  The Titans unfortunately split the series with the Texans and take an L. The Titans keep with the Texas theme and play the Cowboys as the last game of Week 17. I think the Titans will beat the Cowboys so bad that the players will see stars around their heads. I previously stated in this post that the Jaguars are the laughing stock of the NFL. I think that the Titans will be laughing the Jaguars back to Jacksonville in the final week of the regular season. With all that being said I think the Titans will go 10-7 over the season. Keep in mind this CAN change (and obviously will).


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