The Film Reel – Overlord (2018)

This review is on the horror action film Overlord. In this movie produced by J.J. Abrams, a team of American soldiers are dropped behind German enemy lines in France right before the historic D-Day Invasion. They are on a mission to take out a German radio tower in a small French village so that their troops can get through. But then they soon make a horrifying discovery. They find out that in the village church (where the radio tower is), a group of German scientists and soldiers are testing some sort of serum on the villagers that is turning them into monstrous zombie-like super soldiers. So the American soldiers, with the help of a local French young woman, set out to take down the Germans, destroy all traces of the gruesome experiment, and take out the radio tower, therefore completing the mission. My thoughts on Overlord is that it is an awesome action horror film, complete with cool war action sequences (since this takes place during WW2), thrilling scenes, and cool special and makeup effects. This would be for you if you’re into horror movies with cool action in it, even if it could also be a war story.

Now, roll the end credits on this Film Reel!

Dustin Fisher

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