Time for a Resurrection

Perfect Timing? Destiny? A God Thing? Coincidence? you be the judge. Whatever you believe, it is time for a Resurrection. This Easter weekend, no matter your belief, take time to be resurrected. To renew your spirit & faith in something greater than yourself. If there is anything that we are all learning during this break from the normally hectic busy insane lives we are all living, is to simplify our lives our daily schedules and routines. We can live with so much less than we thought we could.

Can we be revived from the madness we were all living in? Worshiping athletes, entertainers, famous people as our heroes… Instead, the real heroes are great parents and teachers, nurses & first responders, neighbors, grocery store employees, delivery people, Friends and Family… Those are our true heroes. God Bless us All this Easter Weekend…


Tom Woodard, On The Avenue – April 10, 2020



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