What is IABL? (Individual Assignment Based Learning)

What is IABL? (Individual assignment based learning) Why is it important to On The Avenue? IABL is a crucial part of our overall program at On The Avenue. Our IABL has built communities and open doors for each and every Citizen On the Avenue. So, what is IABL? IABL stands for Individual Assignment Based Learning. It is our most important methodology to help talented individuals gain confidence in themselves, experience a growing community and learn about the world of commerce all through a personalized assignment that is established for each Citizen. Our goal is to dive deep into each Citizen’s passion and heart to see what drives them . By doing this it brings their IABL to life. Each Citizen at On The Avenue uses their own IABL to learn aspects for many different industries like production and creativity , storyboards, photography and videography, audio engineering and digital development and many more. The creative possibilities are endless. By creating these opportunities, the Citizens are able to have real world experience and skills in a healthy community driven environment.

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